Willing the Way: Wanting What’s Happening

By Adam J. Pearson

If you want what happens,
How could you ever not get what you want?
The desire and what’s happening collapse into each other,
And fulfillment takes no time at all.

I want to be sitting in a computer chair drinking a coffee.
I got my wish! Woohoo!
When the coffee is done and I stand up to get to work,
I want to be standing up getting to work and not drinking coffee,
That’s what’s happening! Yes!
I want to not win the lottery right now.
It happened! I didn’t win the lottery! BINGO! Yeehaw!

What’s happening is called the Way
If “my way” is different from the Way,
Then the mind creates an illusory gap
Into which dissatisfaction can be injected,
Because we’re not satisfied with the thought
That clashes with what’s happening.

If what’s happening is
We don’t want what’s happening,
Then want the not wanting
And you get your wish!

We’re dissatisfied with the lie,
That wants what isn’t,
And doesn’t want what is;
That’s the link between craving and dissatisfaction,
That’s the First and Second Noble truths right there!
It’s nothing fancy, mysterious, or complicated.
It’s a matter of alignment and correspondence.
Does wanting line up with reality or not?
If so, there’s peace.
If not, there’s suffering.

The river of life flows where it’s going either way,
Either the mind harmonizes with it,
Or it tries to push against the current.
If it harmonizes, we flow as the river.
If it doesn’t, we feel the tension of a wave in denial.
Either way, the current pulls us with what’s happening,
We have a say only in whether
It’s a smooth ride, or a ride filled with tension.
Drop the wave’s objection and be the river,
Then you can’t be stuck anywhere.

It’s not complex, it’s simple;
If you will what’s happening,
And don’t will what isn’t happening,
Then you will with the universal Will,
Your will is Reality’s Will,
They’re the same.
How could you ever be disappointed then?

Willing what happens doesn’t mean
We can’t take action for change,
Oppose oppression,
Rectify injustice,
And so on.
If opposing of oppression is happening,
Then that’s the way the river’s flowing,
That, too, is the Way.
Wanting what is includes
Action for change
With a twist–
Harmonization with the consequences.

The action is what’s happening,
And so are the consequences,
Both are the Way.
If we want both, we will the Way.
Then the mind isn’t stuck,
In inaction or action alike.

And yet, the funny thing is,
Even if you will your own way,
Which clashes with what’s happening,
That willing of what’s not happening,
Is itself happening!
So even that, is in line with the Way.
What’s the difference?
One alignment with the Way produces suffering,
One alignment with the Way is at peace.
Take your pick!

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  1. Laughed out loud at the lottery line! Great … Way … To put … This. 😍

    1. Haha. Thank you. ❤

    2. Thank you. It’s quite funny when we drop all the pretensions to its seriousness, isn’t it? 😀

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