Children of the Stars: A Parallel Between Haudenoshaunee Myth and Modern Science

By Adam J. Pearson


According to the legends of the Haudenoshaunee First Nations people, the stars in the night’s sky represent the ancestors of human beings in the Sky World.

According to modern physics, chemistry, and astronomy, our bodies are made of chemical elements, many of which were formed in the depths of distant stars..

Thus, both Indigenous tradition and contemporary science, past mythical legend and present empirical knowledge, and visionary-intuitive and rational ways of knowing point us to a common truth: our ancient lineage to the stars…

When you look up at the stars at night, do you see your own family?

For the Haudenoshaunee, they are your spiritual relatives; for modern scientists, they are your physical and chemical relatives.

Underneath a starry sky, how could human beingsĀ ever be alone?


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