Movements of the Immovable

By Adam J. Pearson

No form moves itself;
All forms are moved.

When the body is felt to be moved
Rather than believe it moves itself,
Watch how gracefully it flows!

The action does itself;
No doer is found.
Believing there is a doer,
And we are it,
Fluent motion
Becomes clumsy.

A river needs no “me” to flow,
And all of Nature is rivering,
Even human life.

What a mystery!
Unappearing awareness
Moves as all forms
That dancingly appear.

Content and context are not-two;
Context appears as content:
Content is context appearing;
The bodiless embodies all bodies,
Bodies embody the bodiless;
The still moves as all motion;
All motion moves as stillness.

And yet
The essential nature of all things
Is neither still nor moving,
Neither context nor content,
Neither coming nor going,
Neither body nor bodiless,
Neither within nor without,
Neither personal nor impersonal,
Neither form nor formlessness.

Without motion or stillness,
Context or content,
Coming or going,
Body or bodilessness,
Within or without,
Personal or impersonal,
Form or formlessness,
Where can “me” plant a flag?

Part of a Series on Nonduality:
Beauty, Wonder, and the Invitation Home

Everything You Experience “Now” is Remembered: Neuroscience and Nonduality

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