All are One, One is None, None is All

by Adam J. Pearson

“Phantom Landscape II” (2007) by Yang Yongliang

All are One,
One is none,
And none is all.

To see this directly is the heart of Zen,
The aim of Advaita,
The core of the Sufi way,
The secret of Kabbalah.

All‘ is the relative universe of forms, manifestations,
And phenomenological diversity,
Including the human body-mind,
The field of concreteness and abstract concepts.

One‘ is the consciousness in which all appears,
The knowing of all that appears,
The awakeness to all that arises and goes,
The beingness of all,
Suffused with the sense I Am,
From which the universe and its forms
Are not-two.

None‘ is the no-thingness of the nondual reality,
The absolute root of consciousness
And its panoply of forms,
Which transcends all, beyond all,
And is present yet, as all.

The physical universe of seeming manyness
And consciousness are not-two.
In consciousness all are One and One is all;
Consciousness shines through sentient beings,
Which appear at birth and disappear at death,
When conditions are sufficient for it to express, it expresses;
When they are not, it subsides into latency.
It is the Being of all beings, beyond birth and death,
Thus the rises and falls of countless beings are all not-two.

Consciousness’ root is no-thingness,
The absolute, Brahman, the Ground of Dzogchen–
Consciousness’s appearances are empty of separate nature,
It is itself is emptiness,
And the root of this emptiness is the Absolute,
Immanent in all, yet transcending all.
This root is not-One, not-two,
And nothing can be said about it,
Except to negate all and One,
And say that it is neither.
It cannot even be called a root!

This poem has failed to reach That
As all words, concepts, experiences,
Knowledge, perception, memory,
Attention, and recognition do,
And yet never have we not been That,
Even now, we are it, even here,
Aware of consciousness from beyond.

Thus, all are One,
One is none,
And none is all.

To see directly this is the heart of Zen,
The aim of Advaita,
The core of the Sufi way,
The secret of Kabbalah.

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