Beyond Experiencing

By Adam J. Pearson
Prior to experience,
And experiencer–
We are That.
Experience and experiencer
Appear in the play of manifestation.
And experiencing
Is the dreaming of consciousness
Beyond which,
Even experiencing gives way
To silence and not-knowing.
That, all words fail to reach,
A pathless land none can traverse,
The root of all lands–
There, all concepts dissipate
Like smoke in the wind,
And even this poem never was.
Knowing can never touch
Our deepest nature–
Which is beyond getting and losing,
Becoming and unbecoming,
And yet ever-suffusing all.
Nor is it ever experienced,
And yet there is nothing else,
For everything
Is this nothing!
To be nothing,
Simply to be,
Is the end and the beginning
Of the circle of Zen,
The heart of the Way.
The true nature of all Buddhas
Never becomes a known object
To the mirage of an assumed knower,
Beyond known and knower,
Beyond the activity of knowing–
Beyond, beyond, beyond!
At the root of all,
Immanent in all,
And transcendent of all
Lies the Open Secret,
Prior to consciousness,
Prior even to I Am–
Yet, always available,
Here and now,
What’s seeing these words is it!

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