The Heart of the Way: Not One, Nor Two

by Adam J. Pearson


The true nature of reality
Is neither One, nor two.

To cut off Oneness,
Leaves the concept of twoness,
Like two sides of a coin.
To cut off twoness,
Leaves the concept of Oneness,
Like the coin that has two sides.

Without giving rise to heads,
There can be no tails;
Without giving rise to tails,
There can be no heads.

Once the metal is revealed,
It’s seen to be prior to the coin
Beyons both Oneness
And its seeming sides.

In truth, the metal itself
Is empty of its own-nature,
So, seeming One and two
Are really no-thing,
And we are That.

If we cling to twoness,
We resist Oneness,
And prefer twoness.
If we cling to Oneness,
We resist twoness,
And prefer Oneness.

If we cling to neither Oneness
Nor twoness,
Seeing ‘both’ as empty,
And our deepest nature
As this no-thingness,
Then we are bound to neither leaves,
Nor trunk–
The root is seen,
And even this, released.

Apperceiving this directly is
The great matter of Zen,
The core of Dzogchen,
The aim of Advaita,
The heart of Sufism.

Thus, the true nature of reality,
Our deepest Ground
Is neither One, nor two.
Nothing more can be said,
And nothing more need be–
To be this unknown nothing,
Is the heart of the Way.

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