Six Obstacles to Ceaselessly Abiding in the Feeling of Being

By Adam J. Pearson Introduction “There will be periods of frustration; there will be periods of doubt. Your worldly involvements would hamper your Sadhana (practice) and an atmosphere of defeat would prevail. But, come what may, just throw everything aside, don’t bother about anything and continue your abidance in the ‘I am’ with all earnestness….

The Innocent Habit of Believing Unloving Thoughts

By Adam J. Pearson Friend: Things are slowly working out for me but I’m really struggling today and succumbing to suicidal thoughts. Me: I’m happy to hear that you feel that things are slowly working out. Healing and growth are a process and moments of struggle along the way are a normal part of that….

Trust Doubt: Doubt on the Way of Nonduality

By Adam J. Pearson If a doubt arises on the spiritual path and there’s a fear that it will crush the peace you’ve found, welcome it in! This doubt is no threat; it is, in fact, a friend, a messenger from truth to truth. What good is a truth that can’t stand up to doubt?…

We Can’t Avoid Avoidance; That Would Be Avoidance

By Adam J. Pearson We can’t avoid avoidance; That would be avoidance. If avoidance arises, Simply note it– “Hey look, avoidance is arising, That’s interesting!” If avoidance isn’t arising, Note that too– “There is openness now, No avoidance. Great!” Be radically honest About what appears, Radically open To hold space for it, Radically welcoming Of whatever comes,…

Remember To Be Unhappy!: The Unnecessary Root of Human Misery

By Adam J. Pearson We Remember To Be Unhappy Have you ever experienced a state of deep peace, serenity, joy, and loving attunement to what is? Did you ever notice how, in that state, we’re not remembering the unsatisfied, fluctuating, unstable, sense of “me” that we otherwise take ourselves to be? This point is so…