Fullness and Freedom: Re-Embracing Form as the Expression of the Formless

By Adam J. Pearson Welcome to the Now What do you experience here and now? If there’s one thing you know beyond all doubt, it’s that right here, right now, you’re aware. A universe of colour, form, sound,  touch, fragrance, and taste is flowing through your consciousness, leaving no traces. Right here, right now, your formless awareness is filled with forms….

The Gateway into Presence: Resting in the Sense “I Am”

By Adam J. Pearson Introduction: Experiencing Presence In previous articles, I have presented a few ways to directly ‘taste’ nonduality or being “One without a second” as The Upanishads put it. One way involves seeing through the cognitive construction of separation to see that prior to concepts, no such separation appears. A second way uses total forgiveness to reveal not-twoness by lovingly releasing the grievances…