The Lion and the Wings

By Adam J. Pearson


in his core, curls a lion
and it longs to roar.
and her light dances darkness
like a jet black night.
in her heart, wings rustle
for she longs to soar,
and his dark casts light
that is blinding bright.

the boldness in her eyes
could slice a sword in two,
as his hand holds her neck
and her lips meet his.
the passion in his core
could melt a mountain through,
and their pain dissolves
in a trembling bliss.

brave ones, they are,
and they feel it all–
as his eyes hold hers
like a breath held in.
as vulnerable heart beats
rise and fall,
she presses against him,
warm and thin.

many were the men
who had used her form,
so her heart sealed shut
to block out all love.
those who broke his trust
left his heart in storm,
so the rain fell cold
from the sky above.

now naked they stand,
with their eyes locked tight–
he gazes so deep
into her
she moans.
she opens herself
to take him inside,
all the fear in her heart,
his love

never has she
felt a touch like this
as his fingertips
graze along her skin.
each inch of her,
his warm lips now kiss
as his tongue takes her
in ecstatic sin.

she feels so safe
when his eyes see her,
see the wings in her heart
that long to fly.
and he feels strong
when her eyes see him,
see the lion inside
that will never die.

and the lion roars
from inside him now,
so fierce and real,
and strong and bold,
and her wings spread wide
like a tree’s great boughs
to carry her over
a world so cold.

now they love so deep
that they give it all,
and his dark casts light
that is blinding bright.
she’s his adventure,
he is hers in all–
her light dances dark
like a jet black night.