The Innocent Habit of Believing Unloving Thoughts

By Adam J. Pearson Friend: Things are slowly working out for me but I’m really struggling today and succumbing to suicidal thoughts. Me: I’m happy to hear that you feel that things are slowly working out. Healing and growth are a process and moments of struggle along the way are a normal part of that….

The Celebrate Yourself Exercise: Self-Love With a Partner

By Adam J. Pearson The Fear of Shining Bright Every day, we find ourselves inundated with images of people who excel. Our popular media glorifies athletes, business moguls, and wealthy musical performers. Our advertisements favour the most beautiful and handsome models to showcase their products and set up standards of perfection, which unconsciously influence us even though we…

Forgive and Be Free: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness

By Adam J. Pearson Introduction I waited a long time before writing this article for two reasons. The first is that I really wanted forgiveness to sink in so that I could talk about it from the insider’s point of view of someone who practices it. The second is that I don’t consider myself to be an authority…

Tuning into Feeling Tones: Emotions Beneath Words

By Adam J. Pearson Image: “Body Language” by xDarQax Introduction You’ve probably had this experience. You’re talking to someone and their words seem to be saying something, but their body language is saying something totally different. You may have even seen this tendency in yourself. She’s saying “I’m fine,” but you get the sense that she’s furious….

Shadow Integration: The Complete Shadow Work Process in Four Steps

By Adam J. Pearson To listen to the first section of this article as you read, click the play button below: 1. Shadows and Shadow Work Recap Shadows are those contents of the mind that feel uncomfortable, painful, terrifying, infuriating, anxiety-inducing, or otherwise disturbing to us. We know them when they arise because they hurt, anger, disturb, or…